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Speech therapy services



Are you unsure of where to start or even anxious about speech therapy? Book an initial consultation to learn strategies to support your child's communication and learn more about your child's communication skills. This is a great place to start if you want to decide whether further assessment or treatment is warranted.



We believe in early detection and services. If you are concerned regarding your child's speech and language development, the first step is to complete a thorough assessment to determine where your child is at in their development. As assessment also examines your child's strengths and weaknesses in order to determine what goals may be appropriate for therapy. Independent speech-language assessments as part of a private autism assessment can also be completed with us.



A variety of treatment options are available depending on your child's needs. Length of treatment sessions depends on your child's needs, attention, and goals. Currently, teletherapy and home-visits are being conducted. Teletherapy services are beneficial even for children who are very young as parents can learn strategies to support their child in their home environment!


with Professionals

We believe in collaboration with other service providers. Consultation to school team members, behavioural consultations, occupational therapists, and other service providers is available depending on your child's needs.

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